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Becoming a school governor

Thank you for your interest in becoming a governor at The Rissington School.

The Governing Board welcomes interest from candidates including those who have no connection to the school and have little or no experience of educational organisation. Broader skills and experience in Finance, Human Resources or managing capital projects can be just as important to ensure the Governing Body has a broad range and depth of skills.

As a Governor of The Rissington School you will be joining an energetic, motivated and committed group of people and take up the exciting and challenging role of School Governance.

The Governing Body exists to provide strategic guidance, support and guide the Head Teacher, leadership team and staff in the education, development, safety and welfare of all our pupils. In order to help us to do this you will need to develop a reasonable knowledge of the School and the nature of a governor's role.

Becoming a School Governor is a 4-year commitment and as such you are expected to attend regular meetings - both full Governing Body and committees to which you are appointed; take an interest in the School's development; stay current with educational governance matters, perform school visits and assist the Chair of Governors where needed.

The Rissington school is a fast growing, friendly, vibrant school serving the children of the Cotswold villages of Little Rissington, Great Rissington and Upper Rissington. Catering for children from 3 to 11 years of age we currently have approx. 250 children on roll, who are taught in either the Victorian building in Great Rissington or the newly completed building in Upper Rissington.

Our before and after school provision, "RASCAL" offers childcare to support our families. "Chipmunks", a provision for preschool learners, which welcomes youngsters from the term after they reach their third birthday, is on the Upper Rissington site.

In 2011 The school was awarded Ofsted’s highest possible grade of "Outstanding". The school has changed considerably since then which brings with it many challenges for the Head Teacher, leadership team, staff and governors.

The Rissington School leadership, supported by the Governors, has adopted a continuous improvement strategy in line with the School Development plan and our aim is to continue that development by embracing new ideas, methods and technology, to give our pupils the best experience in their early school days. It is one of the roles of the Governing Body to assist and guide the leadership team to maintain those high standards and ensure that all our pupils, of all abilities, develop into the best they can be whilst they attend The Rissington School.

If you would like to discuss the role or need any more information please contact Mr T Fox, Chair of Governors, or the school to speak with Mrs S Dawe, Head Teacher.

We welcome applications to join our Governing Body from people of all walks of life - even if there are no current vacancies. 

Thank you for your interest in becoming a governor of our school and I look forward to speaking with you in the near future.

Your Sincerely

Tim Fox

Chair of Governors

The Rissington School


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Current Vacancies:

There are currently no vacancies on the Full Governing Board

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