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Covid-19 Information for parents


Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, The Rissington School has been committed to supporting its families, providing both academic and wellbeing support for pupils and parents.  During the Summer Term, when the school was partially open, we were proud to be able to welcome back 90% of our pupils to spend some time in school! 

During the current lockdown the School and its Pre-School, Chipmunks, are open for Key Workers and Vulnerable pupils only. Learning for all other pupils will be provided remotely, and pupils will be supported in this by their class teacher during the day. 

Our Key Worker and Vulnerable provision will be located on the Upper Rissington Site for all pupils, regardless of the site they normally attend.  Core provision will run from 9.00am to 3.00pm, but our RASCAL before and after-school provision will continue to operate for Key Worker pupils only between 8 and 9 am, and between 3 and 5pm - these will be charged at £2 and £8 respectively.  Pupils attending these sessions will be supported in accessing the remote learning provided by teachers.  Criteria and forms for registering as a Key Worker for this provision are provided below, and these should be returned to keyworkers@greatrissington.gloucs.sch.uk .  Vulnerable families and pupils will be contacted by a member of the Senior Leadership Team.  

For information on Remote Education or further support for parents please visit our linked pages. 

Can My Child Come to School ?

Please read the links below if your child is unwell, and you are unsure about whether they can come to school.  The School is also very happy to guide and support you in your decisions. 

If they are unwell, but not COVID symptoms - Click here
If they have COVID symptoms - Click here
If someone in the house has been in contact with someone with a positive test - Click here 


COVID-19 Documents 

COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Behaviour Protocol Covid 19

Remote Learning Policy

Remote Education Policy

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy Covid-19 Addendum

Key Worker Information (updated January 2021)

Key Worker request for care form (Updated January 2021)

Letter to Parents (January 2021)