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The Rissington School
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Current Vacancies:

There are currently two vacancies on the Full Governing Board (Click below for more information)

Governors make decisions about how the school is run in consultation with the headteacher. They have legal duties, powers and responsibilities which include appointing staff and deciding how the school budget is spent.

The governing body is made up of parents, staff, a representative of the Local Authority and other individuals living locally who are co-opted to provide a comprehensive range of skills and experience across the governing body. Governors are elected or appointed for four years and serve on one or more committees to carry out their various duties.  

The governing body meets at least once each term to discuss the School Development Plan, agree policies, set or monitor the budget and generally ensure that the school is run in an efficient manner. 

Each governor also serves on one of the two main sub-committees: Finance, Personnel & Premises or Teaching & Learning.

The Committees for Finance, Personnel & Premises and Teaching & Learning meet regularly and report back to the main governing body.

In addition, some governors are responsible for oversight of specific areas of the School Development Plan or Curriculum. They regularly visit the school to focus on a particular subject and participate in the school's self-evaluation procedures and report back to the Full Governing Board.

You can view details of governor responsibilities, governor attendance at meetings and minutes of past meetings, by clicking the links on the right of the page.

Our Governing Body have agreed that associate members should have voting rights on the committees that they sit on.


Mr Tim Fox


Mrs Katie Alvey 


Mrs Susan Dawe (Head teacher)

Mrs Lisa Loxton (Staff)

Mr Chris Campbell

Mrs Jane Hemmings

Mrs Nicola McNicholas

Mrs Hannah Dewey 

Mrs Jane Carter 

Mrs Sarah Hoyle

Associate Members



The Chair of Governors can be contacted at: