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November News





November saw the start of the second half of the Autumn Term.  Children returned full of enthusiasm for their learning.  Read on to discover how we have enhanced our broad and balanced curriculum at The Rissington School, this November.

Reading is important at The Rissington School and we would like to send a thank you to everyone who purchased books at our book fair.  We have been able to enhance our class book areas with a range of new authors for children to try. 

Learning beyond the classroom is important to us at school.  This November, all classes enjoyed and participated in our "Outdoor Learning Day" where they took their learning outside - this included phonics, maths and English as well as forest learning.

Lower Key Stage 2 became historians for the day and went to explore our local neolithic site of the Rollright Stones.  The children explored the ancient site and asked questions such as, how might the stones have been transported over 2000 years ago?

To enhance our English Curriculum, all children from Y1 to Y6 watched a theatre production of Beauty and the Beast.  We know that live performances can help expand our ability to retain information as well as teach us how to interact and interpret emotions. When watching a story unfold, we are placed in the position of walking in the character’s shoes for a while.

It has been fabulous to enhance our PE curriculum and see our children represent their school at external events this November.  These include:  Let's Get Running, 

School Council led our Pupil Voice Assembly this month.  We know that listening to the opinions of our children is important and that their ideas are valued and leads to improvements in our curriculum offer.  Good communication between our children and the school community means we have a super attitude to continually looking to improve the educational offer for our children.

We remembered the people who had given their lives in wars and conflicts by reflecting on poetry and holding a minutes silence on November 11th. Although a solemn event the children were able to understand the importance of freedom and peace.

Upper Key Stage 2 travelled into Space via the Exploradome this month to learn about our solar system,  galaxies and the constellations that lie far above them.  

We are compassionate learners at The Rissington School and gave generously to the popular children's charity Children In Need.  We showed our support by coming out in "spots" and understood how we can help those children whose lives may be very different from our own.

Speaking and understanding skills are fundamental for everything we do and so we spent a day learning participating in  "No Pens Day.  Although it was difficult, we challenged ourselves and put speaking and listening firmly at the forefront of our learning.

At the very end of November our Year 6 children learnt a range of new skills on their outdoor education residential visit to Woodlands.  The children worked together to learn new skills such as caving, canoeing and climbing.  They faced their fears and worked as a group to achieve end goals.  What a super way to learn.



Class Assemblies:  We love sharing our learning and have been able to continue to invite small audiences into school.  Tornado, Typhoon, Hercules and Nimrod classes have all showcased their learning this month.

We cannot wait for more enrichment activities in December.