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PE days are Tuesdays and Thursdays
Homework is set on Thursdays and is due in on Tuesdays
Spellings are tested every Friday.




The Curriculum


Welcome back everyone! I hope you are all well-

This Summer term our topic is ‘The Amazing Americas’ and will be divided into 2 geographically- themed blocks. During the first half of the term we will be learning all about the geography of South America and this will be followed in the second half of the term by lessons focussed on North America.

The year 6 children will have an opportunity to show off their learning in the KS2 SATs during the week of 9th-13th   May and the whole class will show off their creative talents in our AMAZING end of year production!

In English we will continue with weekly spelling tests (lists available on the DB Homepage.) We will also continue with daily guided reading and SPaG sessions and will focus on reading and writing folk tales and myths and our own persuasive piece for a travel brochure along with explanations, poetry and writing to promote the end of year production.

In Maths we will focus on problem solving using the four operations, fractions, decimals and measuring angles. We will also cover data handling and keep our mental maths skills sharp with weekly 10 in 10 assessments. We will focus on the yearly KIRFs and build on the progress which has been made this year.

Our Science this term will involve identifying and classifying materials according to their properties and suitability for a range of purposes. We will carry out fair tests to discover how we can change materials, understanding that some changes are reversible and some are not. We will also research famous chemists and the discovery of new materials.

Our Geographical topic will encompass human and physical geography and further the children’s knowledge about recognising the continents and ocean of the world.

In Computing we will focus on stop frame animation and designing an app prototype.

We will review vocabulary to date in French and describing ourselves and others using correct adjectival agreements. We will talk about our homes and school life including using the negative verb form.

This term in RE we will learn about the significance of the Torah to Jewish people and move on to comparing Humanist and Christian beliefs.

Our Design and Technology will be covered in term 1 and we will be researching, planning, making and evaluating bird hide models.

Our Art lessons, in the second half of the term, will focus on a range of art from North American artists with a focus on printing skills but we will also have an opportunity to design and make props and scenes for our end of year performance.

Music will consist of listening to, improvising and composing music on a rainforest theme with a view to performing with increasing accuracy, fluency, control and expression. Basic musical notation will also be taught.

PSHE will focus on Relationships Education and the role democracy plays in our lives.

In PE we will be developing our cricket, rounders and athletic skills as well as having the opportunity to participate in swimming lessons again!

An email will be sent via DB Primary each Friday to outline the forthcoming week and any important events.

Looking forward to some beautiful sunshine, exciting learning experiences and lots of happy days ahead!

Let the Great American Adventure begin!