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At The Rissington School we believe that it is important to prepare our pupils for life beyond Primary school; we want them to leave us being confident in themselves and positive contributors to their community. PSHE is an important subject in our school as we believe the skills and knowledge the children gain through this subject are going to be relevant to every child’s life within school and as they grow up and leave primary. Our aim is to ensure that all children leaving the Rissington School have the skills necessary to succeed in their later lives.

As a school, we enrolled on the Early Adopter register for the new Statutory Guidance for September 2020. As part of this we audited the expectations of the new statutory guidance against the People in the Know (PinK) Curriculum written by Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning (GHLL) to ensure we met statutory requirements, and to highlight where we extended our children’s learning beyond the curriculum. This pathway can be seen on our Two Pathways document, which roadmaps the path of learning a child will take through the school depending on their starting point in our two-year cycle.

Children start this pathway in either Pre-school or Reception, and follow the relevant Prime Areas from the EYFS framework; focusing on Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development, and Understanding the World. In Reception, this is enriched with the beginnings of the PinK Curriculum for Foundation Stage.

From this point forward, we continue to follow the PinK Curriculum to ensure teaching is progressive and builds on prior learning through each Key Stage.  PSHE is a naturally cyclical subject, with common threads being built upon across all key stages, including EYFS, the PinK curriculum aids us in ensuring that learning is revisited each year and then built on. Teachers know what their class will cover in their Key Stage, and know what has been covered in previous years so that they can move the children’s learning on.

Our aim through our PSHE curriculum is to equip our children with social skills, mindfulness, economic skills, understanding of how to stay safe in the real and online world, make informed decisions, to understand what it means to be part of a community and to be a member of British society.

We are unique at The Rissington School because we are a split site school. While we embrace the differences this might bring, we also are clear that children at both sites belong to one school and receive the same Science provision.

All children have access to enrichment opportunities, which expand on the aims currently set out in the National Curriculum. We have a strong emphasis on wellbeing at The Rissington School, as we identified a growing number of children attending school with mental wellbeing concerns and increasingly complex home lives. Due to this, and the growing national focus on young people’s mental health, we felt we needed to equip them with the skills to cope with this. We have set up a nurture hub which runs through the whole school, every class gets additional curriculum time focused on wellbeing, with a specialist teacher. For children who we identify as needing additional, more specialist support, we provide further small group or individual guidance with our specialist teacher.

See Wellbeing Page for further details.

National curriculum in England: PSHE - GOV.UK