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Pupil Voice

We offer a number of different interventions at school. This is what the children think about them all. (Dec 2020)

1. Fresh start

  • I find it helpful because it helps me to spell words and pronounce my sounds properly. The comprehension is good because it helps me understand the passage because we talk through it.
  • I like fresh start because it helps me understand what I am reading. I like that we listen to each other and it has made me more confident.
  • Fresh start helps me with my spelling and tricky words. I think my spelling and reading has improved.
  • It helps me because it helps my grammar and writing sentences. The stories and questions to answer, help me with my understanding.
  • I have just started – it’s OK.
  • I enjoy fresh start. It helps me read and learn my sounds. I feel more confident reading.
  • I enjoy fresh start as it helps me with my comprehension and spellings. We practise sounds and that helps.
  • Fun, but sometimes we spend too long on one question.
  • I’m enjoying it, I learn more sounds. It helps me with my reading. My writing is neater too.
  • I do enjoy it sometimes but I don’t like the question strip because it is too much writing.
  • It’s good so your brain gets more learning. It helps me with English.
  • When we do our sounds, it actually helps me to learn them.
  • I really like it because it helps me to spell.
  • It has really helped with my writing and the stories are fun.
  • It helps with my English, like full stops, commas and capital letters.

 2. Power of 2

  • It helps me think quickly. Helps me with my mental maths.
  • It helps me with my maths. I find it quite easy and it makes me feel good.
  • It’s actually helping me learn.
  • It helps me a lot with numbers.
  • I like it because it helps me with my maths.
  • I think it has helped my Maths as I use it in my maths lessons.

 3. Plus 1

  • I’m enjoying it. I think it is helping me with my maths.
  • It’s helping me.
  • I like it because I like counting. It helps me with my numbers.
  • It helps with times tables. Helps counting on.

 4. Bearing away

  • It’s kind of fun and quite easy.
  • I enjoy it, it helps me with my reading.
  • I like the sounding out – helping with my reading.
  • It helps me to spell out the words.
  • I like it when I get it right.

 5. Toe by toe

  • I enjoyed doing it – it helped me with my reading.
  • It is OK, I didn’t like the dpbd page as it is too confusing.
  • It is helping me with my reading.
  • I liked the words – not the boxed letters – it has helped a little with my reading.
  • It is pretty easy but some are a bit hard. I think it has helped with my reading.
  • It helps me recognise letters.

 6. Daily reading

  • I enjoy reading every day because it has improved my reading out loud. Also, I understand the story better if I read out loud. My reading has improved I think.
  • It helps me and I think my reading has improved.
  • It has helped me. My mum has noticed the difference. I feel more confident.
  • It helps me. My reading and my understanding is better. I can ask if I don’t understand what a word means and that helps with the story.
  • I like reading every day. It helps me with my confidence. I just enjoy coming out every day to read.
  • I enjoy reading 1-1 because I read it properly, I don’t miss out words and it makes more sense than if I read to myself.
  • I feel like I am getting better at reading.
  • I have moved up to the Turquoise box.
  • I enjoy reading more challenging words.
  • I like reading and getting other books and going up to new colours.

 7. SALT sessions

  • Concept work has improved after 2 weeks.
  • The pupil pointed to “like” on the Widgit board when reviewing past activities.

 8. SNIP literacy programme

  • It's fun, I like it.
  • I enjoy it, especially the activities like the word searches.

 9. Lego therapy

  • It’s good making stuff
  • I like building and playing with my friends.
  • I enjoy building.