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Pupil Voice

 According to our Pupil Survey in April 2022, these were the most useful resources according to our SEN pupils.



We offer a number of different interventions at school. This is what the children think about them all. 

Power of 2

  • It helps me think quickly. Helps me with my mental maths.
  • It helps me with my maths. I find it quite easy and it makes me feel good.
  • It’s actually helping me learn.
  • It helps me a lot with numbers.
  • I like it because it helps me with my maths.
  • I think it has helped my Maths as I use it in my maths lessons.

 Plus 1

  • I’m enjoying it. I think it is helping me with my maths.
  • It’s helping me.
  • I like it because I like counting. It helps me with my numbers.
  • It helps with times tables. Helps counting on.

 Bearing away

  • It’s kind of fun and quite easy.
  • I enjoy it, it helps me with my reading.
  • I like the sounding out – helping with my reading.
  • It helps me to spell out the words.
  • I like it when I get it right.

 Toe by toe

  • I enjoyed doing it – it helped me with my reading.
  • It is OK, I didn’t like the dpbd page as it is too confusing.
  • It is helping me with my reading.
  • I liked the words – not the boxed letters – it has helped a little with my reading.
  • It is pretty easy but some are a bit hard. I think it has helped with my reading.
  • It helps me recognise letters.

 Daily reading

  • I enjoy reading every day because it has improved my reading out loud. Also, I understand the story better if I read out loud. My reading has improved I think.
  • It helps me and I think my reading has improved.
  • It has helped me. My mum has noticed the difference. I feel more confident.
  • It helps me. My reading and my understanding is better. I can ask if I don’t understand what a word means and that helps with the story.
  • I like reading every day. It helps me with my confidence. I just enjoy coming out every day to read.
  • I enjoy reading 1-1 because I read it properly, I don’t miss out words and it makes more sense than if I read to myself.
  • I feel like I am getting better at reading.
  • I have moved up to the Turquoise box.
  • I enjoy reading more challenging words.
  • I like reading and getting other books and going up to new colours.

 SALT sessions

  • Concept work has improved after 2 weeks.
  • The pupil pointed to “like” on the Widgit board when reviewing past activities.

 SNIP literacy programme

  • It's fun, I like it.
  • I enjoy it, especially the activities like the word searches.

Lego therapy

  • It’s good making stuff
  • I like building and playing with my friends.
  • I enjoy building.