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Vulcan Class

Here are some photos from the Autumn Term:

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PE is on Mondays and Wednesdays

Spellings are given out on Mondays for spelling test the following Monday

Maths homework is set on Fridays to be completed by Mondays


The Curriculum

Welcome back to the summer term! Our final topic of the year is called ‘Imagine a World’. The topic will begin by getting straight out onto the school grounds and planting our very own vegetables and flowers. We will learn how to look after our plants and will watch and observe how they grow. In Literacy, we will be basing our work on the book ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’ and diving into descriptive writing and poetry. The children will also be writing their own stories and explanation texts towards the end of this term. We are also going to read the story James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl.

In Maths this term, we will continue to focus on our Magic Maths skills (KIRFS) and will focus on telling the time as a priority. In daily lessons we will be learning about how to read scales and use money in practical contexts. We will be recapping place value and the four operations. In term 6 we will be consolidating all of our knowledge from the year and ensuring that the children are secure with their key skills before moving into their new year group. Year 1 will also be learning simple multiplication and division. The Year 2 children will continue to have weekly times tables tests on a Wednesday and we will continue with our 10 in 10 Arithmetic tests each week in both Year 1 and 2.

In Geography, we will be continuing to work on map skills, and will learn about compass directions. The children will be creating their own maps of their own garden and will be constructing a key to help guide us around. In art we will focus on printing and the work of Giuseppe Archimboldo. In DT we will be putting to good use the products we have grown to make a healthy salad. In Science the main focus is plants and how they grow, but also how to keep healthy and why it is important. Year 1s will be focusing on their senses. In History, we will be learning about the palaeontologist Mary Anning.